My view on the bowl selection process, rankings, and the BCS system

Everyone has an opinion, and here’s mine.

Rankings and Voting

I think the rankings are absolutely pointless. There is no actual conviction with anyone’s voting methods and the rankings are so poorly done. The goal of the current ranking system is simply to rank teams based on their win and loss records. They don’t rank anyone based on how strong of a team they really are. If BSU is a good team, the 3rd best in the country, there is no way that a missed field goal as time expires says any different. I do understand that good teams win the close games, but BSU was the same team Sunday as they were Saturday. To say that if the kick was made, they would be possible playing in the national championship, and if the kick was missed, they are playing a .500 record team in Las Vegas is a joke. They need to stop rankings coming out every week. They need to dedicate a group of unbiased voters from all over the country with different backgrounds who have the time to watch every single game in the country and then at the end of the year, they evaluate who was the overall best team in the country by the end of the season. I also hate the fact that the rankings mean nothing outside of the #1 and #2 teams at the end of the year. I also think it’s an absolute joke to have the coaches voting for all the teams. I know Coach Pete and his schedule and focus, he might get to watch highlights every few weeks of teams, and other than that he is focused on his own team and who he plays next. He and all other coaches don’t have the ability to truly evaluate the strength of 120 teams around the country on a weekly basis. They simply put their votes in off of the scores they read about in the newspaper and rank according to that. Even the media voting will be biased depending on their region or team they write for. They need to have some dedicated committee from every conference, an equal amount from each region, state, conference like we do for the electoral college in government elections, but make it unbiased, and allow professionals with no monetary incentive to truly evaluate the teams.

Bowl Selection process

We need to realize that the current bowls are simply designed for 2 reasons, #1 is to have the 2 top ranked teams play for determining the national champion. and #2 is to make money. No one who is controlling these bowls cares about the quality of match ups at all. They simply want who will traditionally travel best, and who will bring the biggest TV rankings. All true college football fans and¬†analysts want the best teams and best match ups but sadly it’s now a money game and that’s it.


I think the BCS is overhyped. They certainly don’t have the best match ups or strongest teams. They are all money and something needs to change.

What I would do

I would have a playoff system. I would make it similiar to the world cup. There are a certain finite number of conferences with the competitive college football programs grouped regionally or simply by random draw. It doesn’t matter anymore about geographic location as proven by the recent conference movement. So a random draw every year at your 8 team conference. Those 8 teams play each other once. There would be 12 conferences. The top 2 from every conference would go to a playoff. They would rank based on statistics of strength of wins and losses, national rankings of overall offense and defense, point margin of victory, and a ranking committee as well. Then those 24 teams would play down to 6 teams. The top 2 from the 24 after those 3 games would be reranked off of the same criteria of the original ranking of the top 24. Then teams 1 and 2 would get a bye week, and 3 would play 6, and 4 play 5. Then 1 plays the winner of 4 and 5, and 2 plays the winner of 3 and 6. The winners play each other for national championship while all the losers continue their traditional “non-conference games” if they’re not in the playoff. And then you have bowls just like you do now with different sponsors for the different playoff games and non-playoff bowls as well. so 7 games in conference, 3 in playoff, and 3 for final playoff, 13 game season like normal. The same bowls can take the different games and still make money and sponsors, but that way we have a way to truly establish some sort of competition with the top 24 teams that have proven to be elite by week 8. It’s obvious by week 8 now who can play and who can’t.

Just my random crazy thought. What do you all think?

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